Call it spiritual healing,
or perhaps a journey of the mind

 invites all to explore the other realms we share the universe with.

In an act of serene escapism, and in the absence of physical travel, creative director Camilla looked upwards and inwards to explore the wonders of the zodiac, folklore, ancient history and fairy tales.The collection draws inspiration from the journeys each of us undertake when we close our eyes
and let our subconscious take over.

Those journeys to other worlds where hidden meanings, lessons, healing and awakening cross our paths,
and ones we pursue to escape our current world in the search of peace.

A launch into our deepest subconscious.
With love xx

The afternoon sky meets its resting place, and all is still as dusk's tangerine embrace coats the walls. 

With a collective of celestial beings, we board a sailing boat to the second floor, and float through rooms of Chinese galaxies to an unknown destination. Abounding space gardens, wells of moon surface that gape between floobiards, windows to planetary neighbours. Together we flide through the zodiacm uncoverng tales and wisdoms as old as time. 


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