Feast Your Eyes


Woman waring camilla on the grass

Feast your eyes

Down a winding passage of hyperreal reverie, I step into a story I’ve read before; a palace by a forest with clouds circling above sets the scene for what I choose to happen next.

I hear raucous bedlam in the distance. Leaping forward in a dream state, I’m propelled forward and the noise grows closer until it leads me to a table set for poetic debauchery.


Aged accordions, cackling laughter and jangling of porcelain consumes a garden amphitheatre rich with overgrown blooms left to their own devices.

In the centre, a long table set for gluttony. Tiers of baked delights, fortuned card games, abandoned champagne flutes, dripping candles and mismatched plates. A feast for the eyes, I pull up a chair
and eat my cake too.

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