The Story Unfolds

Up Close With Camilla Franks 

Once Upon A Time was inspired by travels through the mythical realm rather than the physical. Finding solace in the pages of ancient, bounded books, it was here that Camilla discovered her muses and invoked their magic. 
Deep down the rabbit hole and into a world of fairy tale reverie, the collection features peculiar characters in the most fanciful situations. Rich with chaos, beauty and illusion, the scenes that unfold pay tribute to the tales entrenched deep within our memories since youth. 
“There’s something about fairy tales that continues to captivate us well after our youth,” says Franks. “They are stories that resonate with the collective, even with these wonderfully absurd and eerie elements that we know can’t be real. They’re a form of escapism but also, they have lessons to be learnt.”

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