Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing


CAMILLA recognises our responsibility for ensuring fair and safe working conditions for all those in our supply chain.

We are committed to meaningful and dignified work for those who craft our products, and as such, strictly require our suppliers to uphold our ethical standards at all times.

CAMILLA has proudly held long lasting relationships with our suppliers - one for as long as 13 years, being almost the duration of the brand’s journey. We regard these suppliers as our family, and an integral part of our story and future vision.

With thanks to these strong relationships, we have visibility of the first tier of our production facilities, as well as a portion of our second tier such as fabric and trim suppliers.
Our primary supplier in India has grown with us over the years, and has developed capabilities across a range of products as we have evolved beyond our signature namesake kaftan.

Founder Camilla Franks has a strong connection with our primary supplier and their special country of India, and cherishes the blooming relationship that commenced in the early days of her label. Since the inception of this partnership, this supplier has grown its staffing schedule providing safe, fair and creative working conditions across talented in-house print makers, garment production, embroiderers and crystalling.

Our Australia-based teams travel frequently to India every 1-2 months, and in recent years we have placed permanent staff on the ground to assist with production and supply chain.

All suppliers must comply with our Code of Conduct, which is underpinned by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. The ETI base code is an internationally recognised set of labour standards based on ILO conventions. You can read the code here :

The Code forms the basis for the independent, third party social audits our suppliers are required to undertake every two years for the facilities producing CAMILLA products. These audits cover labour, health, wellbeing and safety standards, as well as compliance with environmental regulations.

Where issues have been identified, CAMILLA takes a partnership approach towards their successful remediation. We encourage continuous improvement to ensure the longevity of our relationships, however reserve the right to part ways in the instance we do not see evidence of compliance with corrective action plans that have been put in place and agreed to.



The safety of our products for our customers and those in our supply chain is paramount.

Our silk products are made from 100% silk which is independently tested and certified to be compliant with the requirements of Annex XVII of REACH, the European Union regulation on chemicals. This base material is certified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. You can learn more about this standard here: Likewise our jersey swim fabric is also certified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

We use a digital printing process that is inherently more efficient by using less energy, ink and water than traditional screen-printing. This method also allows for less material wastage as there is no minimum length of yardage required, and also removes the need for multiple screens, particularly important for our designs, which are complex and can include as many as 3-4 designs in the one garment.

Our VIP collections are crafted in limited quantities, therefore digital printing allows us to retain the exclusivity of these ranges.

We are proud to use dyes that are REACH compliant and continually endeavour to evolve our processes to meet new industry standards.



All CAMILLA affiliated suppliers must comply with our Animal Welfare Policy.

CAMILLA requires all walks of life involved in the supply of our products to be treated accordingly to best practice animal welfare standards, and in accordance with the internationally accepted ‘Five Freedoms’ as developed and recognised by the Farm Animal Welfare Council and RSPCA:

• Freedom from hunger and thirst
• Freedom from discomfort
• Freedom from injury or disease
• Freedom to express normal behaviour
• Freedom from fear and distress.

CAMILLA does not use real animal fur, angora rabbit hair or exotic skins. All animal materials must be by-products of the food industry.



Designed as a piece of art, and crafted with artisan love, our hope is for your CAMILLA piece to be part of your world long enough to hand down to your future generations. 

But with this hope comes with some tending loving care instructions to ensure the longevity of your CAMILLA piece. Our CAMILLA boutiques offer steaming, click here to book in for your garment to be steamed. 

As each piece is embellished with hand-applied crystals, we recommend you clean your CAMILLA through any good green dry cleaner across the country to reduce any cleaning-associated chemical footprint.

Alternatively, we recommend a refreshing spray specific to silk products, or through gently handwashing with cold water at your own discretion.

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